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Friday, April 22 2016
Window Cleaning OperativesYou have a duty to manage your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your actions.You must: Attend any site specific training provided by the building owner/manager Read, and question any misunderstanding, all site specific and equipment instructions provided by your employer or the building owner Adhere to agreed safe system of work practices. Use all safety equipment as instructed, including that designed to prevent your tools falling to the ground Report any matters which may affect safety eg. damage to equipment or incidents whilst working

Tommy’s Window Cleaning and Power Washing prides itself on having and always maintaining all the insurances that you would expect of a legitimate company, always carrying the industry standard amounts or greater in terms of business liability ($2,000,000.00), full commercial auto and at least $1,000,000.00 in required Workmen’s Compensation. Having been in this industry longer than virtually all of our competitors, we have seen and continue to observe a lot of cutting of corners on the part of these competitors as far as what insurance coverages they can get away without carrying. We don’t play that game. Rest assured, when we arrive to work at your location, you are covered.

We prefer to use only W-2 paid employees. We take out their taxes and pay their Workmen’s Comp as is required of us by law. You would be surprised at how many window cleaning companies skirt these essential responsibilities. If you hire us, you are hiring a real company that takes it’s legal responsibilities very seriously. We want, no, we need you to trust that we are always vigilant to not only protect our interests but your’s as well.

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