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window cleaning SAN DIEGO, CA


After water evaporates on windows and other surfaces, they often leave mineral deposits known as hard water spots or lime-scale. In most cases, you may not even notice the deposits starting to build up and might just put it off as a dirty window. If remained unnoticed or unattended, these deposits will start to build into a thick white gunky layer of crust.

Over time, the mineral deposits will slowly permeate into the pores of the glass and can become baked on by the sun. This time, it would already be difficult to remove by bare hands or ordinary cleaning solutions. Well, perhaps, they may still be removed but it would then damage the surface they adhered to as well.

The best way to deal with lime and hard water deposits is to prevent them. However, if they have gone ugly and become crusty stains on your windows, then that is another story. Your best option for it would then be seeking help from the expert cleaners—us! Tommy’s Window Cleaning includes lime and hard water deposit removal in its list of commercial window cleaning services.

Hard water spots and lime deposits can form anywhere water is used or present. That is why, we have exerted effort on making ourselves experts in removing these pesky deposits without damaging the items they have stained. We will take care of those nasty white or brown spots on your sink, tubs, windows and glass shower enclosures. The sooner you address them, the easier they will be to remove.

So don’t let those lime deposits and hard water stains take over. Call Tommy’s Window Cleaning immediately.

About 30 years ago when we were about five years into developing a thriving window cleaning company, we were one of the first window cleaning companies that decided to add power washing to our repertoire of services we offered. It was a marriage of services that has served us extremely well. Cleaning stucco home surfaces and concrete are our specialties!

Often times after a wet winter, light colored stucco will often manifest algae and or mildew stains that can often easily be cleaned off. If you live within HOA guidelines, you know keeping your home appearance is imperative to keeping the HOA off your back.We are here to help you keep your home looking fresh! We also offer roof tile power washing, rain gutter cleaning,concrete walkways, patios, driveways and pool decks.

Ask us about our package pricing so as to keep your overall cleaning cost down.


Commercial Cleaning
    Exterior and Interior
    High Rise Cleaning
    Ledge, Awning & Marble Cleaning
    Lime & Hard Water Deosit Removal
  Power Washing
    Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential Cleaning   
     Detailed cleaning 
     Mirror Cleaning
     Screen hand cleaned
     Sills and tracks Cleaning
cially Formulated,
    Soap Cleaning

     Window cleaning San Diego


SAFE - Insured to $2 million dollars for your protection.

EXPERTISE - 37 years of window cleaning experience.

RELIABLE - You are guaranteed we will arrive on time.

RISK FREE - No worries, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

WE LOVE PETS - Pets are never a problem with us.

GREEN PRODUCTS - Our products are non toxic.


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