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Hi! My name is Tom Nadeau-pronounced Nah-Doe. In 1972, when I was but a mere boy of 11, my father told me there were no free lunches and that if I wanted some extra spending cash besides my allowance, I would have to find some work in the neighborhood. Some of the other boys were cutting grass and others had taken up all the paper routes and there didn’t seem to be enough of that kind of work to meet my needs so…

One day I was riding my bike around the nearest strip mall and I saw an older man cleaning some storefront windows and I asked him if he could use some help. He did…and that was how I got started. After a while, he showed me the ropes on doing houses and it didn’t take long for me to get my own residential accounts. It wasn’t a lot but every year I did about 20 or so regular customers and did this all the way through my college years. After college, I knew I didn’t want to teach or practice law as this was the profession my parents thought most suited me, so I decided to buy a friends window cleaning business. I borrowed the money from my wife and in 1983 I was off and running.

Quite literally within weeks of this purchase I had doubled the number of my commercial window accounts in San Diego and within five years I was a homeowner and a father of two, providing quite well for my family. By the time I was in my late twenties I had one of the largest high rise companies in San Diego. Some of you familiar with these sorts of things will recognize the name of that company as SKYRIDERS. I was the original owner of that enterprise. However, my partner and I, at the time, decided to go our separate ways and so I took all the work north of Mira Mar Rd. and she all the work south of it. Within a year she had sold her interest to the current owners. I was very proud of my achievements in this regard but I found it more profitable and manageable to be in control of the quality of the work. It was a decision that I do not regret.

I have ridden the tide of boom economies and recessions but I have survived them all. I am probably one of the most experienced company owners of it’s type in the region. Lot’s of guys have come and gone in this industry…I am here to stay. I love the business of cleaning windows in San Diego!!!


Commercial Cleaning
    Exterior and Interior
    High Rise Cleaning
    Ledge, Awning & Marble Cleaning
    Lime & Hard Water Deosit Removal
  Power Washing
    Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential Cleaning   
     Detailed cleaning 
     Mirror Cleaning
     Screen hand cleaned
     Sills and tracks Cleaning
cially Formulated,
    Soap Cleaning

     Window cleaning San Diego


SAFE - Insured to $2 million dollars for your protection.

EXPERTISE - 37 years of window cleaning experience.

REIALBLE - You are guaranteed we will arrive on time.

RISK FREE - No worries, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

WE LOVE PETS - Pets are never a problem with us.

GREEN PRODUCTS - Our products are non toxic.


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Tommy's Window Cleaning & Power Washing
PO Box 502752
San Diego, CA 92150
+1 (858)260-7779
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